A Better Way to Memorize Things

Memozora is an online flashcard maker powered by spaced repetition method. It works great for language learning, test preparation, and more.

Why it's effective?

This flashcard maker uses "Spaced Repetition" method to help you learn effectively. With Spaced Repetition, you will learn difficult cards more often and easy cards less. This will save your overall study time.

How it works?

Create your own flashcard

Add whatever you want to remember as a card. Card consists of front (question) and back (answer) just like physical flashcard.

Learn effectively with Spaced Repetition method

With Spaced Repetition method, you will learn difficult cards more often and easy cards less. This will make your learning more effective.

Check your progress with intuitive graphs

The retention level for each card is represented in 3 categories from Low to High. You can easily track how many cards you remember on each day

Other Features

Works with PC and mobile

It is a browser based application, so you can use it either from PC or mobile

Flexible study time

You can choose how many cards to learn. Even 1 minute is enough for a learning session.

Comes with dictionary

You can easily lookup dictionary and seamlessly save the result as a flashcard. (Only English and Spanish)


If enabled, the system will speak what is written on the card. (Supported languages are Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Thai)

Get started with Memozora

Let's start learning effectively with Memozora. It's free.

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